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Aruba User and Application Testing
Test and monitor apps across devices

Preempt user complaints with an easy-to-deploy solution

As new or modified apps are deployed, IT can quickly validate performance and spot issues.

Simulate actual user experience

Our network sensors fill a gap left by most monitoring tools—what users see when using apps. Observe and improve user experience by using pre-built tests or easily build your own with an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard.

Test any app on any network

Validate all aspects of connectivity to apps running locally, in data centers, or the cloud. Capture network diagnostics from wired, wireless, or WAN—no matter which vendor’s network you’ve deployed.

Identify root cause in one click

When a test fails, IT is instantly alerted to the issue. In one click from the dashboard, determine if it’s a network or application issue, which users or sites are impacted, and what to fix.

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HPE Aruba Networking UXI Sensor

Offering a simple zero touch deployment plan, these purpose-built, Linux-based client devices can be provisioned via PoE or wall outlet power with no cable pulls required. Providing continuous testing of the network and in-use applications, you can easily install the sensors in high density locations to mimic users on your network.

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Digital Experience Monitoring

Digital experience monitoring (DEM) is an IT management technology that provides detailed insight into the end-users and devices digital experience on a network as users/devices access different internal and external applications, 24×7.



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