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How to Recession Proof Your Network
Modernizing a Campus Architecture in 5 Steps

Today's enterprises face socioeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties, making it challenging to conduct business as usual. This eBook provides insights into modernizing your network architecture to weather the storm.

This eBook helps IT decision makers like you better understand the steps that you can take to help reinforce and recession-proof your network.

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How to recession proof your network: Modernizing a campus architecture using 5 key principles

Today’s enterprises are weathering a storm of uncertainty, and now there are signs of impending recession. Read the eBook for 5 steps to recession proof your campus architecture.


Today’s Enterprise Challenges

From the Fortune Global 2000 to small and medium-sized organizations, enterprises are currently facing a storm of socioeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty. This makes conducting business as usual a challenging task.

Already dealing with reduced or inflexible budgets, staffing shortages, and productivity losses due to the pandemic, maintaining business continuity has become even more difficult. Additionally, there are indications that the world may be heading into a recession, which further worsens the ability to support new business initiatives.

Quick Summary

Traditional network architectures with legacy tools may struggle to accommodate the increasing number of users and devices that require on-demand access. By leveraging cloud-managed networking services like Aruba Central, you can replace on-premises appliances, gain scalability, built-in security services, and optimize WAN interconnects. Use Aruba Central NetConductor to implement network overlays such as EVPN/VXLAN at the control plane to optimize Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity.

With scarce IT resources, manual processes can consume valuable time and hinder productivity. By incorporating AI-driven automation and features like Zero Touch Provisioning, user-driven self-onboarding, and AIOps, you can streamline network deployment, troubleshooting, and optimization efforts.

Minimize protection gaps and reduce cybersecurity risks by implementing a Zero Trust Security framework. By authenticating all connections, enforcing role-based policies, and encrypting traffic, you can enhance network security. Solutions like Aruba ClearPass and Dynamic Segmentation provide unified policy enforcement across wired, wireless, and WAN infrastructure.

Rapidly changing business objectives require a network that can quickly adapt. Consider switching to faster and smarter wired, wireless, or SD-WAN features. Cloud-native solutions like Aruba Central (powered by HPE GreenLake) offer flexibility by deploying in the cloud and on-premises simultaneously, supporting data storage in cloud hosting providers, and maintaining scalability across different locations.

To alleviate budget constraints and enhance in-house IT capabilities, consider adopting a NaaS consumption model. Understand how the solution supports Zero Trust Security architectures because security implementations can have complexity, integration, reliability, and performance implications.

By dynamically scaling network resources based on business needs and leveraging the expertise of providers like, you can focus on strategy, achieve better cost optimization, and improve network outcomes.


Why should you care?

For organizations who are working towards operational simplicity, agility, and assurance – and are faced with:

  • Inflationary pressures and flattened budgets
  • Management complexity compounded by IT resource constraints and widened skills gaps
  • Overall market uncertainty due to Ukraine, pandemic recovery, social unrest, etc


  • Reduce operational costs (54% of Aruba customers have reduced network operating costs by at least 25%).
  • Improve IT efficiency (customers improve efficiency by 50% and save $1.4M in downtime over 3 years and 38% of customers have reduced IT support tickets in half by using Central)
  • Provide faster mean time to recovery socan focus on value-added tasks (pinpoincause with 95% accuracy and resolve isup to 90% faster)

With Aruba and, organizations have the market-leading wireless, wired and WAN connectivity solutions to provide much needed visibility, automation and security combined with the most flexible acquisition and operation options to match budget and resource constraints. Together, we provide a modern and up-to-date network with NaaS transforming the network into a business-critical service with the right blend of solution, acquisition, and deployment choice meet new and emerging business objectives.

Why Aruba?

Aruba’s strong commitment to partners – 90% of business flows through the channel including 77% of services revenue – and technology strength provide partners with the means to grow their businesses even in challenging times.

Aruba was recently recognized as a leader in Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure for the 17th consecutive time based on “vision” and “ability to execute” and has won a variety of CRN awards for Aruba Central NetConductor, HPE GreenLake for Aruba, Aruba Wi-Fi 6E APs, and Aruba CX 10000 Switches.

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