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Aruba Higher education network solutions
Network that’s secure, agile, and autonomous

Higher education network solutions

Is your network ready to support modernized higher education environments? Enable student success and amazing learning experiences with a network that’s secure, agile, and autonomous.


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Experience Education. Everywhere.

Together, we can help you develop a network strategy that supports learning and delivers education everywhere, whether online, in-person, or hybrid. Aruba can help you:

  • Ensure secure and reliable connectivity for all devices and users, even in challenging environments that are extremely dense and include extensive roaming.
  • Enhance data security dynamically throughout your entire campus-to-home network
  • Improve student experiences with home-like simplicity
  • Leverage digital tools and applications to create a secure and smart campus


Key benefits of Aruba higher education network solutions

Discover why colleges and universities look to us to deliver stronger, smarter networks.

Unlock student potential with a smart campus. Learn how Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) improves student experiences and safety, protects your devices and data with Zero Trust Security, and automates your network with AI-powered management tools.

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Adapt to ever-changing circumstances and address new digital and education demands as they arise. Stay ahead with the intelligent networking power you need with Aruba ESP, our next-generation, cloud-native architecture.

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Alleviate network life cycle planning and budgeting in a single, all-inclusive network-as-a-service (NaaS) offering through HPE GreenLake for Aruba. Learn how to access Aruba ESP higher education solutions in a cloud-like manner through a monthly subscription for flexible consumption combined with the vast resources of HPE.

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Leverage the network as an IoT platform to create hyper-aware facilities for improved campus safety initiatives, reduced utilities costs, and better user and digital experiences. Take advantage of the rich set of contextual data to boost learning, productivity, and campus efficiencies.

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